Amazing Services We Offer

Here are some of the wonderful services that we offer to the general publc. Some services we do, are
totally FREE while some may come with a reasonable prices to choose from.

It's not appropriate to think that your pictures are gorgeously amazing because you have a "good camera". Well if thats true, then no body needs to learn photography anymore, they'll just directly buy a good camera.

Al-Alih Chams Hamis (Landscape Photographer On A Budget)

Why we offer FREE services?

Why we offer FREE services?

Although some of our unbeatable services are offered with a reasonable price, we also offer great services totally FREE, yes that's FREE. And one of that is our Photography Video Tutorials. We are planning of putting it here in our official website and also in YouTube as well. We know that a lot of people love taking pictures, digital art, and photography in particular and always wish to enhance their skills in both shooting a perfect composition and post-processing at the same time.

Needless to say, not everybody has the money to afford a Photography Masterclasses that may costs around $100-$500 USD, & none the less, most people also don’t have the money for a Photography seminars or Online Classes that may also costs almost the same as the previous one. And so, we offer our great Professional services for FREE, because that's what we encourages everybody, just because you're on limited budget doesn’t mean you can’t pursue your hobby or career in taking good pictures.

What are our Qualifications?

What are our Qualifications?

Long before the Nikon D810 (Nikon's Flagship Landscape Photography Gear) was ever been created, I was already shooting with a Nikon D90 back in 2008. Although, the D90 was not specifically made for Landscape, it taught me a lot about the Digital SLR, and enhance my skills in shooting modern DSLRs significantly. Now, I'm already using the all new 24-Megapixels Nikon D3200, but almost all of the settings in the D90 is still incorporated to the new breed, so that made it easier for me to adjust to the new features. And DSLR cameras are not your ordinary point-and -shoot digicams, they are powerful piece of image capturing device that takes skill to manipulate, if you don’t know how to set them up correctly, it will totally ruin your (could have been) perfect shot.

Modern Photography doesn’t just involve clicking the shutter button as what's done long years ago. Today's photography greatly involves various "Post-Processing" technique that uses multiple software that you need to "master & develop" with-in you (just like mastering the art of Kung-Fu). So if you're an "Expert" shooter with an "analog SLR" few years ago, it means you no longer deserve that title anymore if you know nothing about Time-Blending, Multiple-Exposure blending or Post-Processing in general. Hence that's the reasons why all Old-Style Professional photographers that I know like Serge Ramelly (A very famous Fine-Arts photographer from France & a mentor) updated his skills from analog, to the modern digital world. And not to brag about it, I learn most of my amazing Post-Processing techniques from him through his various "Photography Masterclass Courses". Time-Blending, Multiple-Exposure blending & Luminosity Masking are advance skills that not all amateur photographers know about. But I'm proud to say, those are only of the few techniques I use in my Masterpiece Post-Processing.

Aside from Serge Ramelly's "Photography Masterclass Courses" I also studied yet another mind-blowing "Landscape Masterclass Courses" from the master himself "Elia Locardi" (The Master of Time Blending) in his Landscape Masterclass Course entitled "Photographing The World & Post Processing" The courses involved nearly 60-Hours of about 60-Video Masterclass courses in both the "Landscape & Cityscapes shooting & Post-Processing". And that's one of the reasons why most of my Portfolio images involved "Time-Blending" (method of post-processing where you blend 2 or 3 exposures with 2 different moments of time ex. 1 shot at the Sunset, another shot in the blue-hour). Ok, enough of bragging already, we know that anybody can learn a lot from Masterclasses offered by the Professional Masters in Photography, but can we implement it exactly as we learn it?. Well, we won’t drag our own sit for that, we’ll let you decide, simply visit our 500Px Portfolio & Gallery at ( to know what our Followers & admirers say about our pictures.

Why we have paid services?

Why we have paid services

The fact that we do take pictures, it means that we are always the legal "Copyright Owner" of those images that we shoot. Unless that we make those image-license to be a CC (Creative Common) License, then therefore, to use our images commercially, you need to purchase a "License certificate" to use the involved image. But of course, sharing, reposting or putting our images in your blog, website or social-media account like Facebook or Instagram is totally "Legal", so long as you won’t remove the Logo tag or our signature in the image, and so long as you won’t sell our images. However, if you need to use our images for a magazines or print-outs like a tabloid or display them in your Gallery, then you need to purchase a "License To Use" certificate, which of course we'll give you the highest-quality and the largest-size copy of the picture that you need.

Another paid services that we offer is the "On-Location Shooting", of course if you invite us for an On-Location shooting, then it means you need to provide for our Plane ticket (Back & Forth) for that location, pay for our accommodation, transportation allowance and lodging, and lastly of course, a professional service Fees always required since you'll be taking some of our precious time to work with you. Professional photographers like us has a very valued time, because we can do a lot in our free time like managing our business, shooting for our Portfolio, offering some seminars, and a whole lot more. And that's one of the important reasons why inviting us to go with you for a particular place to do an On-Location shooting needs a special service Fee.


We know that we may not the best in 500Px Community, but we can guarantee you that we started from "zero (0)" and we can assure you that our statistics will be constantly moving up. Our 500Px statistic is not a brag or act of pride, we just want you to see how constant practice, adequate knowledge and developed skills can help you move further and improve.