Who We Are & What We Do

Please take your time to know us better, who we are, where we go, what gears we use and most importantly,
know what we do and the reasons why we are doing it in the first place.

It's not appropriate to think that your pictures are gorgeously amazing because you have a "good camera". Well if thats true, then no body needs to learn photography anymore, they'll just directly buy a good camera.

Al-Alih Chams Hamis (Landscape Photographer On A Budget)

Who We Are...

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As our tagline says, we are "Photography On A Budget", we are bunch of Landscape photographers who doesn’t have much to spend for a new & expensive photography gears. But that doesn’t mean we use croppy gears as well. We use premium brands and equipment but we acquire them in a way that we don’t have to lose a lots of our budget and get less. All it takes is smart shopping! Just because you're on a tight budget doesn’t mean you have no right to use expensive and premium equipment. There are lots of way to get good gears that has a quality standard but paying less, that's what we always do. Because we know that in photography, your gear doesn’t really matter much, your skills are more important.

What We Believe...

About Us main 5

We have a strong belief that in "Modern Photography", camera brands and models is no longer a basis of having a great Masterpiece. Modern Generation of cameras these days, most especially the new breeds of DSLR, Mirrorless or the Point-&-Shoot digicams has a newly equipped "Image-Processing Processor that can produce a very sharp images at any given situation. Having that said, based on personal experience and own observations, the quality of your final-edit, will simply rely on how good and skillful you are in the Post-Processing. I shot with Canon, Fuji-Colors, Sony & even with Pentax before and so far, I haven’t seen any strong differences in their RAW files at all. Hence, my final image will just simply rely on "how good I can make it in the Post-Processing".

As what "Chase Jarvis" (A very famous Sports Photographer) once said that "The best camera that you can use, is the one that you have". And that's perfectly true! If you're a very good photographer, even if you're using a "Smartphone Camera" to shoot your subject, it will still come out a Masterpiece. But if you know nothing about photography, even if you're using a "Hasselblad X1D-50c" that costs almost $9,000 USD camera, your picture will still look sick and flatty. So please don’t judge your capture by the camera you're using, it has nothing to do with the brand, the model & the price. All it takes is the mastery of the "techniques in composition, versatility in any weather condition, conditions in lighting" and of course, the most important of all, you need to master "Post-Processing". Simply earn more about photography, and you'll gonna be a Pro someday!

The Gear We Use...

About Us main 5

Talking about the camera brands and model, we (particularly me) uses a Nikon D3200 Entry Level camera. And that's because it's just my second DSLR since the Nikon D90, and I feel that the Full-Frame power is still too powerful for my skills for now. One of the things that made me choose it is the fact that it's the only "Entry Level" premium brand DSLR that has a "24-Megapixel count resolution".

Its Canon counterpart which are the Eos 50D and 7D has only 15 & 18-Megapixels consecutively. And for my type and style in Photography, I know I needed more extra Megapixels than 18, so I landed with the Nikon D3200. But don’t judge it by its price, all my 500Px Gallery & Portfolio speaks for themselves. And for the gears, we normally don’t spend too much, but we also look for the quality of the product so we go for the median prices and not too croppy or too expensive as well. As much as we can, we always go for the affordable products, but we also have to consider if that certain low-priced gear won't affect the quality of our final image.


We know that we may not the best in 500Px Community, but we can guarantee you that we started from "zero (0)" and we can assure you that our statistics will be constantly moving up. Our 500Px statistic is not a brag or act of pride, we just want you to see how constant practice, adequate knowledge and developed skills can help you move further and improve.